New paintings inspired by maps

I'm having a pop up exhibition in Wanaka opening on June 8th to showcase some of my new works painted this year which have been inspired by maps, journeys, textures and colours of the land. 

There will be 4 large new works 1000 x 1400mm featuring areas around Queenstown and Wanaka from a bird's eye view. They have texture created by rust and precious metals including copper and gold. They are geographical but overlaid with my memories and feelings of the place. I'm calling my new collection of works 'Geographique'. 

Included in the show are four stretched limited edition prints of my contemporary landscape paintings. Usually these can only be bought unframed. 

There will also be a handful of smaller original paintings from my collection.

The show opens at 4pm on June 8th and I'll be speaking at 5pm. Everyone is welcome. It is at the Architecture and Design Library, 2 Frederick St, Wanaka. Open Monday to Friday 10-3pm, June 8th to July 5th. 

All works will be available for purchase on the website from June 8th.

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